OnOne Phototune 2 1-user Full

OnOne Phototune 2 1-user Full

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Manufacturer: OnOne Manufacturer No: ONON012

OnOne Phototune 2 1-user Full

onOne PhotoTune Software – Accurate colour corrections in six simple steps Make the tedious and time-consuming task of colour correction fast and simple with onOne PhotoTune software. A user-friendly Photoshop/Elements plug-in, onOne PhotoTune features a patented six-step colour correction process; accurately and easily adjust your digital images in as little as 15 seconds. PhotoTune examines your image and presents two colour corrected options side-by-side – simply pick the one that looks best to you. This straightforward Color Wizard walks you through the correction process until you end up with a final, colour corrected image.

onOne PhotoTune also features SkinTune technology, designed to simplify the complicated skin tone correction process. Skin tones are covered by less than 1% of all available colours; a far smaller colour range than most photo correction tools can handle. Because SkinTune is specifically designed to work within this range, portrait, wedding and social photographers can accurately make the intricate adjustments needed for true-to-life results.


  • Color Wizard – Get better colour in just six steps, and as little as 15 seconds! Color Wizard guides you through a series of colour corrected images with two options side-by-side. Simply pick the images you are happiest with until you reach the final image with the most accurate colour corrections. User Control allows you to set the level of change per step.
  • Wizard Snapshot – Prefer an earlier version of an image? Record any colour correction preview during the Wizard process and recall it on the Fine-Tune Panel, allowing you to save the earlier version.
  • SkinTune technology – Two years of in-depth skin colour research during the development of PhotoTune showed that skin colours represent less than 1% of all available colours. SkinTune technology allows users to make intricate but vital adjustments within this range; a much smaller colour range than traditional image adjustment tools are designed for, simplifying the notoriously difficult process of skin tone correction.
  • Increased saturation control – PhotoTune uses an exclusive algorithm that adjusts saturation based on each individual pixel’s saturation level, rather than making blanket adjustments to the entire image as Photoshop does, for the most accurate results. Unlike other programs, PhotoTune does not convert images to colour spaces such as HSB to work on saturation before converting back to RGB, avoiding potential data loss which damages image quality.
  • 16-bit compatibility – Open your RAW images in Photoshop and correct them in PhotoTune. Thanks to improved adjustment algorithms, 8-bit and 16-bit adjustments share the same equations, meaning results will match perfectly.
  • Fine Tune Panel – Displays your original photo next to the corrected image, giving you the opportunity to make final adjustments to the dynamic range, brightness, contrast, saturation, shadows and highlights. Take up to four snapshots to compare various fine tune adjustments.
  • Support for Photoshop selections – To target a colour correction to a specific area in an image, make a selection in Photoshop and then enter the PhotoTune 2.2 plug-in. Any colour corrections you make will only be applied to that selection.

System Requirements:

  • Windows – XP/Vista
  • Macintosh – OSX 10.4.8 and above
  • Universal Binary (supports PowerPC and Intel processors)
  • Photoshop CS2 (9.0.2) - CS4
  • Photoshop Elements 4 or higher
  • 512MB RAM
  • 150MB disk space
  • Adobe Flash Player 9 (required for online training video)