Lastolite Tri Balance - 3658

Lastolite Tri Balance - 3658 Lastolite Tri Balance - 3658

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Manufacturer: LASTOLITE Manufacturer No: 3658
Lastolite Tri Balance - 3658 Details
The TriBalance is the same shape and size as Lastolite's popular TriGrip. It has one black/white/grey side which allows you to custom white balance for calibrated colours and select the best exposure for all tones pre-capture, or to adjust for shadows, highlights or mid-tones as required post capture.The reverse side of the TriBalance is a Lastolite silver reflector for filling in those shadows with just a flick of the wrist.

  1. Calibration and Lighting Control in a single reversible tool.
  2. Collapses to a third of original size.
  3. Can be held in one hand.
  4. Perfect for location work.