Camlink 58mm ND4 Flter

Camlink 58mm ND4 Flter

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Manufacturer: CAMLINK Manufacturer No: ND458MM

Camlink 58mm High Quality Neutral Density Filters

Camlink have released a 58mm Neutral Density filter that subdues the intense light in skiing and beach scenes. Useful to reduce shutter-speed & depth of field. Reduces light transmission to 1/4 (NDx4), Recommended for Video camcorders, digital photography & film photography


Camlink 58mm ND4 Specifications:


  • Neutral density filter.
  • Allows the photographer greater flexibility to change the aperture or exposure time, allowing for more control.
  • Filter Thread size 58mm.
  • Weight 67g.
  • Manufacturer's 2 year guarantee.